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Best Chhatarpur Tourism Packages

Chhatarpur is a princely city in Madhya Pradesh state. This was founded by Bundela Rajput and was named after the Chhatrasal dynasty.

Madhya Pradesh is an important tourist destination. It has the biggest attraction, the Khajuraho temples. 

After the city being named, later rulers and British ruled it. Once again after independence, it was a part of Vindhya Pradesh that merged into Madhya Pradesh.

Khajuraho is one of the heritage sites and is located near the Chhatarpur. This city was a Hindu dynasty.

These temples were built in 950 to 1050 and originally there were 80 temples and now only 22 could survive. These have erotic sculptures and some significant temples include:

Kandariya Mahadeo temple. This is the ornate and largest temple. This temple was built by the Vidhyadhara, the chandela dynasty greatest kings around 1050. As per the Hindu beliefs, temple dated on 1000BC and is considered to be a Hindu architecture masterpiece. 

Chaunsat Yogini temple . This is also a famous temple in granite dedicated to Maya Kali. It is surviving for centuries and initially there were 65 shrines, but now only 35 shrines are available. 

The other important Khajuraho temples include the Vishwanath Temple, Ghantai Temple, Parsvanath Temple, Chatrubhuj Temple, Adinath Temple, Duladeo Temple and many more important temples.

Chhatarpur has many other places worth visiting as well and this includes Dubel Museum located on the road of Jhansi Khajuraho. This museum displays sculptures of garments, Shakti Cult, weapons, jewelries and Bundela Kings paintings.

Jatashanker is near the city and is a holy place, while Bhimkund is a holy water tank adjacent to Chhatarpur city. Raneh fall is a natural beauty and is near Khajuraho.

Chhatarpur Temple is the most frequented temple and is highly popular. The Goddess Durga is also known by the names Lalitha or Parvati, Lord Shiva’s wife. She is in many divine forms and the well known forms are Kali and Durga.

This is a Durga temple also featuring Vishnu, Shiva, Ganesha and Lakshmi temples. The Durga Puja temple is the high time it has devotees in large numbers.

Chattarpur temple follows the south architecture pattern built in white marble. The spirituality evokes in the visitors' minds owing to these serene white stones. The Gopurams and Vimanas are in the southern style.

The Gopuram has the Prakara, the external wall. The temple is a peaceful place and the best time to visit is during Navratris.


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